Kansaï Yamamoto 80’s dystopian cape with integrated backpack


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There are those rare moments when you stumble upon an exceptional vintage find!

This is the case when I first unboxed this incredible Kansaï Yamamoto cape some say from the 80’s, others the early 90’s. 

What makes this piece so captivating, is that despite its age, it feels incredibly timely! 

The beige corduroy fabric with its integrated suede backpack and large hood, has a dystopian, desert warrior aspect about her, reminiscent of sci-fi films by the likes of early Star Wars, Dune, Mad Max or Blade Runner. 

This survivalist, technology driven fashion made popular in the 90s has made its comeback in the fashion world at this moment in time where the global ecosystem is jeopardised by the climate crisis, waist is piling up in massive scrapyards covering Africa, Asia and Latin America’s coasts, and the West is reinforcing its borders for migrants fleeing zones of war, famine and drought.

There are those designers whose creations are envisioned for the future, and that is why they are so innovative at their inception, and stand the test of time.

This is the case with Kansaï Yamamoto, and this exceptional cape, with which we travel back to the future. 

The cape’s hood can be rolled up and tied together in the back with two corduroy strips & snap buttons. A zipper going through the middle of the hood, transforms the hood into a large collar.

The integrated backpack has multiple pockets both front and back to store things in. She has two large side pockets and closes with a row of snap buttons and a separate small triangular piece at the neck. A drawstring going around  the waist can be used to create a more fitted silhouette, with an elegant draping in the back.

Size: one size fits all

Condition: very good, slightly darker corners on the suede backpack. 

A true collector’s piece!


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