Heterdoxa is a designer vintage store & online shop run by Laetitia Jeurissen & Ludwig Beger.

We offer a personal selection of designer vintage pieces spanning a broad range of eras, styles and inspirations. Our selection criteria is based on pieces we love for their uniqueness, the quality of the garments and their design.

Heterodoxa was founded in 2020, when Laetitia's family's high-end fashion retail shop Jeurissen closed its doors after 80 years of activity. For 4 generations, the family-run multi-brand fashion shop, located in Hasselt, Belgium, sold collections from avant-garde fashion designers by the likes of Courrèges, Alaïa, Thierry Mugler, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander, Prada, Westwood.. only to name a few. 

With the desire to pass on her family's legacy in fashion and her own love for vintage, Laetitia recuperated and started selling the shop's sleeping archive. Thus Heterodoxa was born.

After 3 years of a nomadic and virtual existence of travelling pop ups and selling online, Ludwig Beger, a passionate vintage clothing and furniture collector, who for the past 20 years has been building up his own archive of both designer men and womenswear, decided to join the adventure.

Ludwig's own archive is as eclectic as it is singular, yet one can notice his deep admiration for Japanese fashion design and his soft spot for classic Italian tailoring by the likes of Giorgio Armani, Prada and Etro.

Bringing together both their collections and their visions, they opened their physical store in Brussels as of January 2024.

Heterodoxa now has a new home, where lovers of vintage can come see our ever changing and evolving collection, touch and feel the fabrics and come play dress up. 

Heterodoxa is a name of Greek origin and used within the field of Biology.

The adjective is used to describe plants that divert from their genome, hence resisting the DNA and definitions that try to categorize them.

Heterodoxa could be freely interpreted as someone who is undefinable, who doesn't conform to orthodox or standard beliefs.

And this would correspond exactly to the type of person Heterodoxa wishes to dress: someone bold, eccentric, creative and idiosyncratic.


*collage made from archive photos of Jeurissen Couture, Laetitia's family's high-end retail shop located in Hasselt, Belgium, spanning from the 80 years of the shop's existence until closure in 2020.