Issey Miyake Windcoat in orange nylon from the 90’s


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Let’s start with its color:

What is this marvellous orange that is not this “in your face” orange that sometimes hurts the eyes of the beholder, but instead this darker, deeper, subtler, more earthly orange, a colour that is soothing in its warmth, yet captivating in its intensity. 

A fantastic colour indeed. A friendly, joyful, radiant colour, that will make passer-by’s turn around their heads in the streets, as if captured under its spell.

Now the fabric:

Ah Nylon! Synthetic wonder sprung from modern science! Manifested in many forms and shapes, from toothbrush hair & army parachutes, to stockings & yes, even the first flag planted on the moon! 

With your silky qualities and indestructible nature, ”as strong as steel, as fine as the spider's web", you’ve conquered the fashion market (& the world!) and inspired so many designers.

Back to the coat in question: she is composed of two types of nylon: the first making up 80% of the garment, is a thin, slightly transparent fabric that will protect you from the wind and drizzle, but perhaps not heavy rainfall. The second type, a more shiny, silky variant, covers the coat’s collar, cuffs, and upper back. Subtle in its difference, but visible to the attentive eye.

The design: oversized, light and floaty,  generous in its use of fabric, with big pockets and an elegant fold in the back. A single row of orange buttons closes the coat, and two smaller buttons keep the collar in its place. The rounded hem of the coat is reminiscent of that of a button down shirt, adding a casual aspect to its overall design.

Now some basic information:

Size label reads S, but her oversized nature will fit many! 

Measurements: shoulders 60cm, length 100cm, sleeves 53cm 

condition: very good.

In short, regardless of all the fancy words and witty metaphors this coat has inspired the author with, this is without a doubt a piece you will cherish for a lifetime.


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