Issey Miyake 80's royal blue cotton sculptural wrap skirt


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An outstanding royal blue cotton wrap skirt by Issey Miyake dated to the 1980s.

Features a slit at the front, two large pockets and draped fabric flowing all around the skirt, which thanks to hidden buttons can be styled in several ways, creating different silhouettes.

Despite the excess fabric the skirt is light and airy, perfect for all types of weather and can be paired up or down by a plethora of different pieces, making it an incredibly eye-catching yet versatile piece. 

The skirt is constructed from what was originally a light grey cotton, but due to staining, was later dyed a royal blue, contrasted with white seams around the edges. 

The new colour gives the fabric an almost work-wear look, which creates an interesting juxtaposition with the sculptural shape of the piece.

During the 80s, Issey Miyake was heralded as a master of fabric manipulation, mainly thanks to his famous pleats, and this piece is a great exemplification of the versatility in his design.

Size label reads size 10

Measurements: Waistband 38cm, Overall Length 90cm

Condition: Very Good

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