Courrèges 60's Black Velvet Sweater with White Embroidered Logo


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Straight from the Jeurissen archives. 

Never worn, without tags. Perfect condition. 

Size: XS/S 
Shoulders: 45cm   Sleeves: 57cm   Chest: 40cm   Waist: 37cm

André Courrèges (°1923) was an engineer who worked as a pilot during World War II before he became a fashion designer. From 1950-1961 Courrèges worked for Cristobal Balanciaga, who was deeply impressed by André’s technical skills. From the 60’s onwards, his designs symbolise a deep faith in youth and romanticise the idea of the future in a way that had never been done before. The silhouettes were tight, geometrical and architecturally sculpted and were in contrast to his use of bright colors. He believed in the future of fashion while being a product of his time. Courrèges paved the way for the Space Age Movement and inspired many eg. Pierre Cardin, Star Wars, etc.

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