Christian Lacroix 90's limegreen silk suit jacket


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WOW! This '90s Christian Lacroix jacket is a collector's piece... Fantastic lime green, almost fluorecent, color and a turquoise lining which shows when you fold the sleeves, square pearlish buttons and a perfect fit. Never worn.

Comes with original label with price written in Belgian Frank (over 2.000 euros - that's a lot for back in the days!)

Size reads 40 EU but would fit best on a 36-38 EU (S,M)

Private collection fashion store Belgium

Christian Lacroix (°1951) studied art sciences in Paris and wrote his thesis on fashion in 17th century paintings. Under influence of his loved ones, he started his career as a fashion designer in 1987. His first collections always had shock value, but were embraced by his peers, the press and the public. He is seen as the saviour of French haute couture. In his work he always honours historic costume design in combination with contrasting bright colours.


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